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Medical cover no longer just means medical aid in South Africa. There are now many different options for South Africans from the well known medical aid option, related top up with gap cover to health insurance. It can be confusing at times and MultiMed aims to help you make an informed choice.

The bottom line is that medical aid is expensive and less than 20% of South Africa’s population have medical aid cover. Private healthcare is mostly unaffordable with medical aid but newer options have emerged in the market. Health insurance, while not as extensive as medical aid, offers members some degree of private healthcare access to South Africans and at a much lower rate.

Even the medical aid market has evolved with low income, low cost plans and gap cover that pays for shortfalls. Private healthcare funding is constantly changing to ensure that more South Africans can afford some degree of private medical cover. We partner with leading medical schemes, medical aid brokers, gap cover providers and health insurers to bring these options to you.

MultiMed South Africa is an online channel for promoting and educating South Africans about the different types of medical cover. We are not a financial service provider but work with reputable insurers, medical schemes and brokers to assist you with information and quotes.